Wholesale Aromatherapy Candles - 20 Candles (minimum)

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Would you like a fast selling product for your stores? As we scale the company with aggressive social media promotion you will have the opportunity to have a product that people can relate to and love. Place your order for your candles and wholesale prices. We have already proven that customers are willing to pay up to $27 for these candles for the simple fact that they are 100% Vegan, toxin free, natural and are handmade. The wholesale price are $11.60/per candle minimum 20. AS the order amount increases, our prices drastically decrease! Contact us for larger orders.

Best Sellers (in order): Lavender, Sweet Orange, Lemon Eucalyptus 


Indulge your senses with these handmade 16 oz Vegan Aromatherapy Candles infused with 100% pure essential oils. No harmful chemicals or ingredients ever. Whether you are meditating, doing yoga, working from home, creating in a studio, we've got the right scent for you. Feel free to contact us for suggestions. We'll tailor one to your needs.

(Disclaimer: None of our candles should be used to treat or cure any illnesses)